This website and the entire HP/Edison Connects Organization is dedicated in loving memory of Bina Stern Blumenfrucht.   Bina was a woman who was petite in stature but who had a larger than life personality! Her boundless energy and love of life and people made her an inspiring role model of Simchas Hachayim and Ahavas Habrios.

Bina personified what HP/Edison Connects is all about. Encouraging achdus and connection between others came naturally to her and she loved nothing better than connecting people, bettering everyone’s lives in the process. She had a love for others, especially her family, that was unparalleled.

Even during her final months she stayed selflessly focused on everyone around her; making shidduch suggestions, helping people network for job opportunities, and calling friends and family to “check in.”

She was the person one called with questions about anything and everything, and she always had time for everyone, both family and friends as well as first-time acquaintances.

Bina was devoted to her family, friends, and the greater Jewish community, and while our lives will never be the same without her, our memories and the connections she forged live on to inspire us always.

May this website serves as a source of information and connection for the HP/Edison Community and be a Z’chus for an aliyah neshama of Bina Bas Eliyahu Yehoshua.

-HP/Edison Connects

-Rachelle Stern 
Sept 9th, 2018 / Erev Rosh Hashanah 5779