About Us

We are a comm-unity organization geared towards promoting Achdus and Connection within the Highland Park/Edison Orthodox Jewish Community.

Highland Park/Edison Connects was formed with the goal of connecting the community and increasing the sense of achdus as well as the flow of communication and information between the various Orthodox shuls, schools, institutions, and organizations.

One way that HP/Edison Connects achieves this goal is via the HP/Edison Yahoo List serve, where members can share information about community-wide events, classes, and happenings. Additionally we have liaisons from each of the Orthodox shuls who are responsible for posting their respective weekly shul announcements and there is a “School Happenings” representative who is responsible for posting relevant weekly information from each of the three Orthodox schools in our community: Netivot Montessori, Rabbi Pesach Raymon Yeshiva (RPRY), and Yeshiva Sharei Tzion. (YST)

Another important role that HP/Edison Connects plays is that of welcoming new families to the community on behalf of all the Orthodox shuls in town. A welcome bag is given out to all new members of the community with helpful information and useful gifts such as tealights, matches, grape juice and flowers for their first Shabbos in town!  Additionally we have a hospitality committee, with one representative from each shul, which is responsible for helping to ensure that all new families have plenty of opportunities to meet new people via Shabbos and Yom Tov meal invites!

Lastly HP/Edison Connects works to bring together volunteers from all the different facets of the Orthodox community and help them in any way possible to effectively organize, advertise, and run community-wide events so that the entire Orthodox HP/Edison community feels represented and welcomed.

If you have additional ideas for events, programming, or committees that you feel should fall under the auspices of HP/Edison Connects or would like to come on board please don’t hesitate to contact us at highlandparkedisonconnects-owner@yahoogroups.com!